Walcom Thermodry Technology


What is it?

The new TD1 PRO and TD3 PRO multifunctional heat conditioner range is a unique and innovative compressed air

conditioning system inside a paint booth that lets you work with heat regulated air and, for TD3 PRO, without

any solid and gaseous impurities.

How does it heat the air?

The TD1 and TD3 pro has a built in heating element capable of heating the air up to 70°C

The Thermodry Technology line is equipped with the new and more powerful THT hose. The THT hose is a specially designed hose that is heated right from the unit to the spray gun.

What are the benefits?

The Walcom thermodry system is not only a 4 stage air filtration system to remove  impurities but it heats the air. It is the heated air that provides the benefits when using waterbased paints. The heated air speeds up drying times and improves coverage because a thicker film build can be applied and still dry quicker than normal.


Air heating and thermoregulation: The TD3 PRO / TD1 PRO is designed to heat and regulate air to allow the operator to paint at constant temperature, regardless of the climate/room conditions.

Let’s not forget that air used in painting can even drop (due to air expansion) under 5°C. TD PRO can reach temperatures between 20 and 50°C during the paint phase. This is essential for water-based and VHS transparent paint application. The unit also reaches over 70°C for drying. Temperature which, once quickly reached, are kept constant during the entire work phase.


Air filtering (TD3 PRO only): the full line of equipment filtering groups, water-oil-silica-active carbons, can

achieve fully clean and breathable compressed air.


Automatic dehumidifying mass regeneration (TD3 PRO only): once saturated with humidity, Silica gel requi-

res regeneration. The TD3 PRO SRS system, due to the hot air flow inversion generated by the heating element,

regenerates the entire humidifying mass in just 4 hours.

Technical Specification:

1) Synthetic fibre pre-filtering element that eliminates water

   Automatic drain with safety rod for manual drain.

2) Oil filter to eliminate residual pollutants. Manual drain.


3) Drying group with silica gel that reduces residual humidity in             compressed air. Silica gel regeneration with TD3 PRO hot air flow     SRS valve. Silica gel lasts max 1 year.

4) Active carbon filter to eliminate all impurities and obtain                    breathable air.

   Max oil residue < 0,0003 mg/m3.


5) Heating element with 1.200 W power controlled by an electronic      unit with PID retroactive system and SCR heating power                    regulation.

Pressure regulator: membrane regulation and automatic decompression
Air inlet: F 3/4”; air outlet: F 1/2”
Filtering power: air 5 µ - oil 0,01 µ

Working pressure: 12 bar
Air consumption: 1200 l/min to 6 bar
Weight: 21 Kg

Customer review of the Thermodry unit