Walcom Slim HVLP

Walcom Slim HVLP



Spray guns mainly designed for bodywork base application but which, thanks to the ability to adapt to different paint product viscosities, can also be used in the industrial and woodwork sectors.
High Slim 1,3 and 1,5 atomization level, especially in the HTE version, makes it an excellent finish spray gun for the bodywork sector.
Appreciated for its light weight, ergonomics, flexibility and quality details, Slim now plays a leading role in the high level paint market.


Tank: POM C 680 cc
Body: chemical nickel-plated polished aluminium
Cap: chemical nickel-plated brass
Nozzle: AISI 303 stainless steel
Needle-spring: stainless steel
Seal gaskets: self-lubricating and adjustable PTFE (Teflon)
Weight: 770 g

Recommended Setups:

Wet on Wet: 1.5

High Build Primer: 1.7

Basecoat: 1.3

Spray filler: 2.2

Clearcoat 1.3(HTE)


Painting Distance:

Between 10 and 15 cm for the HVLP version. Between 15 and 20 cm for the HTE version, guarantees improved product layout on painted parts.


All spray guns of the Walcom range are supplied in easy to use rigid plastic cases containing all the accessories for a proper cleaning and maintenance of the product.