Walcom Genesi Carbonio 1.3 GEO Spray gun

Walcom Genesi Carbonio 1.3 GEO Spray gun


The Walcom Genesi Carbonio is the flagship spraygun series for walcom. This award winning innovative product has proven to be a success around the world. It is often talked about as 'the carbon gun' or 'the lightest gun'. This really is a step forward in spray gun technology. There are four models under the Carbonio series:


HVLP: for both solvent and waterbased paints (HVLP not available in the UK)

HTE Base: for solvent and waterbased paints

HTE Clear: for clearcoat

GEO: for base and clear (GEO not available for UK market)


GEO Technology:

The GEO has a duel atomising setup. This means the paint is atomised by the specialy designed and patented fluid tip and then atomised by the aircap. This innovative technology allows this spray gun to be used for both basecoat and clearcoat using the same setup. This extraudinary technonogy shows what Walcom is capible of.




Spray gun body: carbon fibre casting on a forged aluminum core

Trigger: carbon fibre

Air cap ring: carbon fibre

Air cap: nickel plated brass

Nozzle: AISI 303 stainless steel

Needle-springs: stainless steel

Seal gaskets: self-lubricating and adjustable PTFE (tefon)

Weight: 12,9 oz


Working pressure: 2BAR

Air consumption: 11.9 cfm

Recommended sprayign distance 4”-5”

Nozzle Ø: 0,8 - 1,0 - 1,2 - 1,3 - 1,4 - 1,7 - 1,9 - 2,5