The EASY series spray gun cleaners are used to manually clean spray guns and are the best and most convenient solution for those who want to create an area dedicated to spray gun cleaning.
Practical, essential and complete, the EASY gun cleaners are available in the /S versions for solvent paints and /W versions for water-based paints.


Manual gun cleaner suited for water-based paints.
For more accurate spray gun cleaning in three phases:
          1) atomised clean water flow
          2) clean water flow
          3) recycled water flow
Structure: stainless steel
Cleaning tank: stainless steel
Dimension of washing tank: L 55 x P 33 x H 20 cm
Total dimensions cm: L 68 x P 41 x H 140 cm
PA/6 cleaning assistant blow gun

Working pressure: 4,0-6,0 bar
Air consumption: 65 l/min.
Package: 1 pcs
Weight: 43 Kg