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Walcom Slim Kombat



The Walcom SLIM KOMBAT spray gun is made of Magnesium and Kevlar with Stainless steel inner parts. The Kevlar outer uses the same manufacturing process used for the premium Carbonio spray guns.


The Walcom Slim Kombat is designed to be a more economically priced competitive spray gun in the market. With Replacement parts easy to get and great build quality this certainly is the gun for a busy body shop. The Carbon Kevlar finish is easy to clean and maintain and is 100% solvent proof! White and UV black pots are available.


HTE Technology:

High Transfer Efficiency setup ensures that more paint goes on the panel than in the air. Also, this means that it is perfect for spraying Primer to get a super smooth yet high build finish but also great for getting flat finishes when clear coating (using a clearcoat setup) simply select the setup you require the spray gun for.


Please also note that a Walcom 1.7 HTE is equivalent to a 1.8mm commonly used in the UK.


1.0/1.1mm UV Primers with Black UV cup

1.3 Basecoat and Clearcoat

1.5 Wet on Wet (sealer)

1.7 High Build Primer Equivalent to a 1.8 Due to HTE Setup




Material: Magnesium and carbon kevlar

Transfer effeciency: 80 % product transfer,

Air consumption: 260L/min. 

Weight: 380g

Available air caps: 1.0-1.1/1,3/1,5/1,7

Kit: All spray guns are supplied in a briefcase